Mates of State

Can I just say how wonderful the new Mates of State album is? The album is called Bring It Back and it comes out in late March. (Decidedly, one of the great benefits of working in the music industry…I get to LEGALLY listen to new music before it comes out). I’ve got 2 of their older albums, Team Boo, and My Solo Project, and they’re good, but Bring It Back just blows them out of the water. I think they even came to Taylor when I was there, but, just like Sufjan, Rosie Thomas and some others, I missed them because I wasn’t into the music yet…I am kicking myself now.

Lindsay and I are going out to see Teddy Geiger and Brandi Carlile at Eddie’s Attic tonight and it’s gonna be a great show. (We actually talked when I got home from work and realized that we didn’t really want to fight the throngs of 14-year-old girls who would be there for Teddy, so we opted out.) Teddy is the singer/songwriter that Tom is working with in Love Monkey (Great new comedy about the music industry on CBS). Anyway, Teddy sounds just like a young John Mayer and Lindsay’s really excited to see him. Don’t let Brandi’s name confuse you…I know what you’re thinking when you see the “i” at the end there, but no, she’s really good and not even all that poppy.


~ by Jeremy A Williams on February 3, 2006.

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