In about an hour, Lindsay and I are heading to our first wedding as a married couple. One of my former bosses (wow, that’s weird to say ‘former’) from Paste is getting married. I actually lived with him (Tim) for a few months when I first moved down here to intern at Paste. I’m excited to go to the wedding, and it’ll be interesting to see if it feels any different than the weddings we attended before we tied the knot.

I’m also excited to go, because everyone from work will be there (except Joe), so this’ll be a good fun way to close this chapter in our lives. We’ll be able to really have a blast without it getting all sappy and sad…just the way I want to remember everyone and be remembered.

Plus, it’s not like Lindsay and I will never be back down to Atlanta. Every once in a while my family reunions will be down in/near the ATL and I think we’d both enjoy coming back for a visit at some point too.

Anyway, the wedding’s going to be great. A chance to hang out with good friends, eat good food, drink good drinks and just have fun!

That’s all for now…


~ by Jeremy A Williams on April 8, 2006.

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