Moving Day…Almost

Lindsay’s parents got into town on Sunday and we’ve been frantically packing, cleaning and organizing (including quite a bit of donating, throwing away and recycling). Things are going well, but as I was bringing Rosie (our puppy) outside to the bathroom a few mintues ago, I realized that we have a lot of stuff…and I really hope it all fits in the truck…I guess we’ll see tomorrow.

Speaking of a lot of stuff, Lindsay and I have been reading The Irresistible Revolution : Living as an Ordinary Radical, by Shane Claiborne. The guy really reminds me of Donald Miller, one of my favorite new writers. Anyway, in one chapter, Shane talks about simplifying and Lindsay and I have decided to start that by really looking at the stuff we have as we move. We’re really just trying to make sure that we are able to give what we can do those who can’t afford things, and to make sure that we don’t just start to accumulate “stuff”. It’s not an easy thing, because it always feels good to get that new CD or eat out at a great restaurant, but we’re just trying to be more careful about it.

Shane also talks (in his book) about not just giving money to the church or to the American Red Cross, but to really befriend those who are in need…don’t just help out at a soup kitchen, get to know those in need. Shane went to college in Philadelphia (home of the wonderful Denison Witmer) and in his time there, he and some friends actually spent a lot of their time downtown, hanging out with the homeless and really becoming FRIENDS with them. He even organized a group of students to live in an abandoned church downtown to prevent the city from kicking out the homeless who were staying there during the harsh Philly winter. It’s just really inspirational to hear about someone who is really living out their faith…and in such a different way. He wasn’t out there “preaching the gospel” or “converting people on the streets”, he became friends with them, just like Jesus became friends with the “lowest of the low”.


My last day of work was on Friday, so I’m now unemployed. It’s something that hasn’r t really sunk in yet, but I went back to the office to help Nate out with some stuff that he’s taken over for me and it just felt like I wasn’t suppossed to be there. No one was rude or treated me like I should leave, but it just felt weird. As I was coming back from the office today, I was thinking of the hundreds of times I’ve made that trip and then it hit me that this is the first time that I’m moving and I know that I’m not coming back. I mean, I’m sure Lindsay and I will come visit at some point, but when I left Taylor, I knew I’d be back; for homecoming, Nathalie’s graduation, etc. When I left Cincinnati, I knew I’d be back, I mean my parents still live there, and even though I’ve lived in 5 different places in the last year and a half, here in Decatur, I was just moving down the street (literally, a couple times), and I could always go to the same old places; the Target down at Edgewood, Ghetto Kroger in downtown Decatur, Chipotle at Toco Hill, and Decatur CD. But this move is different.

In fact, Lindsay and I have used that excuse (except I didn’t realize that it actually was the excuse until now) to go do all the things that we’d miss when we leave Decatur, and Atlanta in general. In the past month (since we’ve made the decision to move) we’ve gone to the Martin Luther King Jr. Center and we saw the house he grew up in, we’ve visited the Kennesaw Mountaing Battlefield in northwestern Atlanta, and we’ve brought Doug and Leslie to the Georgia Aquarium (the world’s largest aquarium), The Brick Store (An AWESOME pub with amazing beer and the world’s best Fish & Chips), Atlantic Station, Taqueria Del Sol and Maddy’s BBQ, just to name a few. Needless to say, it’s been a fun month (and a rather tasty one), and there will be a lot to miss about Decatur, not even to mention our friends, but it will be nice to be back in the midwest.


~ by Jeremy A Williams on April 12, 2006.

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