Auburn Football

The college football pre-season rankings came out recently and I’m getting pretty excited about the coming year. Auburn is pre-ranked at #6 (although I’ve seen them listed as high as #3 in some publications) and I think they legitimately have a shot at the title this year. Their last 4-5 years have really been good ones (with the obvious undefeated season in ’04 (the entire reason that I hate pre-season ranking)). In addition to Auburn being listed at #6, there are quite a few other SEC teams in the Top 25, here are the USA Today Rankings:

  • #6 – AUBURN
  • #8 – Florida
  • #9 – LSU
  • #14 – Georgia
  • #23 – Tennessee
  • #24 – Alabama

So there are more SEC teams in the top 25 than any other conference and Auburn’s schedule this year has us playing quite a few tough games, playing LSU, Florida, Georgia and Alabama, 4 of the 5 ranked SEC teams. I do have to be honest though, the rest of the schedule isn’t too tough, but it should make for a good year either way.

Here are the AP Rankings:

  • #4 – AUBURN
  • #7 – Florida
  • #8 – LSU
  • #15 – Georgia
  • #23 – Tennessee

So, they’re a little different, but I feel that the AP poll is a little more accurate (not just because Auburn is higher) mainly because Texas and USC dropped a bit…there’s no reason for them to be ranked as high as they are in the USA Today poll




~ by Jeremy A Williams on August 14, 2006.

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