Where Will You Find Him?

So I was perusing the ever-entertaining Drudge Report and I came across this entertaining link. I’m so proud of the Churches Advertising Network (CAN) for creating this campaign.

The CAN is a UK-basted group that runs ad campaigns for churches, and their main goal with this campaign is to get people talking about where they see Jesus. Too many people say that you can only find Jesus by reading the Bible, in a church, by doing all of the “right things”.

Who’s to say that you can’t find Jesus in a glass of beer. I’ve had some of the deepest conversations of my life while smoking a cigar. I guess the biggest issue I have is the legalism infection so much of Christianity these days. I think the whole point is looking at the spirit of the law…

But there is a movement rising throughout Christianity that says that you can find Jesus in many places. Places that aren’t often talked about in many churches. Writers like Brian McLaren, the brilliant Donald Miller, Mars Hill (Grand Rapids) Church‘s Rob Bell and websites/groups like The Burnside Writers Collective, The Ankeny Briefcase and The Emergent Village as well as a host of others are leaders in the movement.

If you have any interest in anything “emergent”, I’d love to talk to you, or you can go pick up one of these EXCELLENT books:

Those are some great places to start. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


~ by Jeremy A Williams on September 15, 2006.

One Response to “Where Will You Find Him?”

  1. Dude, your mix is really great.I hope you’ve been enjoying mine and everyone else’s as much! I’m expecting like…at least five more mixes in the next week or so.

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