Let the games end and the work begin…

Monday is my first day back into the full-time work world in more than 7 months. Back in college, I couldn’t handle the idea of working 40-hour weeks for 50+ weeks a year. The thought of no summer vacation just didn’t sit well with me. For the 16 years of formal education I received, there was always a summer…I mean, yeah, I worked during the summers, but it was something quite different from school, so it was still a break. But I never thought I’d be so excited to start working again.

About a month or two into my adventure into the life as an unemployed member of society, I started to miss working…I was getting bored not being at work. One really good thing about starting the Monday before Thanksgiving is that I get to work at 3-day week and then have a 4-day weekend. I figure it’s a really good way for me to ease back into work. Well, I’m off to meet Phil and Sam for lunch one last time. More updates to come.


~ by Jeremy A Williams on November 16, 2006.

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