Going blog crazy!

Blog Crazy!

In addition to recently joining Smaller Indiana, a great Indiana-based social network, I’ve begun posting on this blog (which used to be The Bob Loblaw Law Blog) again. It had been about 6 months since I last posted on the BLLB. So I’ve begun posting on here periodically at best.

But at work, we’re venturing into new territory this year and I’m getting really excited about it. One of the big parts of my job is dealing with the interactive portions (read: web 2.0) of our website, VisitIndiana.com. Last year, we did a promotion over the summer called The Great Indiana Getaway. TGIG was very successful, but it was lacking in web 2.0 features. This summer we’ve decided to add some blogs to our summer promotion.

They’re still in the works and will look much better this summer, but there they are.

In addition to that I’ve decided to start up my “professional” blog, the Tourism Tech Corner. This is my attempt to fuse together the two seemingly distant portions of my job. I had heard from several of our industry partners that they would love to focus more time and energy on the internet and new technology, but many of them don’t know where to start. That’s where I come in. In our April email blast, I’ll have my fist Tourism Tech Corner section. I’ll use those few paragraphs to highlight something fairly easy that they can institute to help improve their website and their presence with new media.

I started up the Tourism Tech Corner blog as a place to post my monthly email blasts as well as fill in the time in-between with helpful tidbits that I’ve come across. I’m really hoping that I’ll be able to help our industry by providing them the tools they need to reach new customers.

All that being said, I’m going to attempt to keep up with all these blogs, so we’ll see how I do!

– JW


~ by Jeremy A Williams on March 27, 2008.

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