99 Bottles of Beer…

99 Bottles of Beer to be Filled - lnchris10

99 Bottles of Beer to be Filled - lnchris10

Last year for Christmas, Lindsay’s parents got me a homebrew kit. It was a complete surprise, but it’s one of my favorite gifts, as it got me into one of my favorite new hobbies.

My first two batches were the the Lager that came with the kit and an Australian Pale Ale that I found at a local homebrew store. For my third batch, I mixed things up a bit and put some coriander in with the Australian Pale Ale mix. It was summer and I was looking for a good refreshing summer beer and the coriander adds an orange flavor to the beer. It actually turned out really well.

My first three batches were from ready-made kits and only required me to boil a little water, mix the sugars and the beer mix, add more water and yeast, then let it ferment and bottle it. For my fourth batch, I wanted to try something a bit different. I went to the local homebrew supply store (Great Fermentations – if you live in Indy, it’s a great store) and got the ingredients to make a Pumpkin Ale. I got to take the grains and the hops and actually brew my first beer.

Lindsay and I went to Great Fermentations this afternoon to get the ingredients for my next batch. I decided to try a Belgian Pale Ale this time. I got a few new toys to help with the brewing process and I’ll probably start my batch tomorrow. It will take about a week for the brew to ferment, then I’ll switch it to a second container to ferment a little more. Once I bottle the beer, it will probably take between 2 and 5 weeks for the bottles to become carbonated. Then, it’s time to taste!


~ by Jeremy A Williams on January 10, 2009.

One Response to “99 Bottles of Beer…”

  1. I love homebrews its and alot of work though and I can’t get a better product than most local breweries so I always end up just giving up and buying some new belgium.



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